About us

Jacqui was 21 when she decided to have Danielle.

I am going to stop talking in 3rd person. This is Danni and in the pic is me and my mum on holiday in Bali.

My mum decided to have me when she was 21. And thank fuck she did. Despite being young and not having a life partner, Jacqui knew in her heart that she was ready and she couldn’t wait any longer to be the thing she would later become the best at. She will tell you, being a mum was the best thing she ever did. I will tell you being her daughter is the best thing I have ever done (yes, it beats being in Harry Potter)

Mum asked my dad (a man with great genes) her friend, to father her a child and so he obliged.

There is a whole 34 years of information to give you here. But the best thing you can know about us is we have not had the perfect relationship. I have not been the perfect daughter and nor has my mum always been the perfect mum BUT we are not into perfectionism and what I can tell you is that we have been real. Honest and authentically “us” with each other from day one. Through throwing phones at each other, coke cans on the floor, from screaming and shouting, to balling to laughing until we (well mum) wet her pants. She is the one person that I can be my realest with and nothing about us has ever been forced, false or faked. She is my person. And I am hers. Always. And not even cancer is gonna come between us.

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